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Full day kruger tour

Experience the world renowned Kruger National Park with an experienced guide that has a wealth of knowledge about the park and the best areas to sight and see the Big5 in a open safari vehicle. 

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world renowned Kruger National Park

Booking a Kruger full day tour with MyAfrica can enhance your safari experience in several ways. Here are some reasons why :

Expert Knowledge:

Our qualified guides have extensive knowledge about the local flora and fauna, providing you with valuable insights into the ecosystem.

They can identify and explain the behavior of different animals, birds, and plants, making the safari more educational and enjoyable.

Animal Spotting:

Our experienced guides are skilled at tracking wildlife, increasing the likelihood of spotting rare and elusive animals like leopards, Rhino and so much more

They know the best times and locations to find specific species, optimizing your chances of seeing a diverse range of animals.


Our guides are trained to prioritize safety, both for the visitors and the wildlife. They know the appropriate distances to maintain from animals.

Customized Experience:

Our guides can tailor the tour based on your interests and preferences. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a wildlife photographer, or interested in specific animal behaviors, our  guides can adapt the experience to suit your desires.

Memorable Experience:

With a MyAfrica guide, you’re likely to gain a deeper appreciation for the environment and create lasting memories. Their passion for wildlife and nature can be contagious, making the experience more enjoyable and meaningful.


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Our full day tours cater for two experiences :

Orpen Gate to Satara Main camp

Our Orpen experience is well known for producing the Big5. Enjoy a full day tour down to Satara Main camp and enjoy a lunch under the tall fever trees that overlook the plains. During the tour you can look forward to seeing the Big5 and other general game that calls this part of the park their home. 

Phalaborwa gate to Letaba Main camp

Our Phalaborwa gate experience provides a scenic drive filled with wildlife as you drive along the river bed that often holds the Big5 along with plenty exciting sightings like hone badgers.  Enjoy lunch at Letaba Main camp which boasts a restaurant that looks over the river and provides a chance to game view while enjoying your lunch. Experience the Elephant Museum that showcases the mighty tuskers that roamed the lands and the ones that still do.