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sunrise & Sunset game drives

Join us on the game vehicle for a 4 hour morning or afternoon game drive safari in one of Hoedspruit incredible game reserves.  You can expect a game drive filled with excitement and sightings of the plenty. Watch for animals waking up to start their day and those returning to their den from a busy night, or those who go for an afternoon hunt. With our expert guides bush knowledge, you’ll encounter Big Five animals and incredible sightings of general game.

If there is anything that peaks your interest, feel free to ask your guide, they are a wealth of knowledge waiting to answer your questions. A drink stop to stretch the legs and chat about the sightings is provided


a sunrise and sunset game drive in Hoedspruit

Each providing a different experience, our sunrise and sunset game drives always provide the perfect opportunity to experience the bushveld at the best time of the day

Sunrise Game Drive: Offering a unique and exhilarating experience as the sun rises, casting a warm glow on the bushveld, the animal kingdom comes to life. The cool morning air carries the sounds of awakening nature – the trumpeting of elephants, the distant roars of lions, and the symphony of birdsong. Animals are often more active during the early hours, making it an ideal time for wildlife viewing. With the expertise of our qualified guides, you embark on a journey to spot a diverse array of creatures, from graceful giraffes grazing on treetops to elusive big cats returning from their nightly hunts. Our sunrise game drive provides an opportunity to witness nature’s beauty and the raw vitality of the African wilderness.

Sunset Game Drive: As the day transitions into the afternoon, the African landscape takes on a different character. The sun casts long shadows, creating dramatic lighting that enhances the visual spectacle of the wilderness. Our sunset game drive unfolds against the backdrop of a setting sun, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink. This time of day is when many predators become active, seeking prey as temperatures cool. The golden hour of sunset adds a magical touch to the safari, creating breathtaking scenes as you witness animals in their natural habitats. It’s a journey into the enchanting charm of the African bush at dusk.

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Our sunrise and sunset game drives cater for all ages and wildlife enthusiasts alike. 

Providing the perfect opportunity for birders, wildlife photographers and wildlife viewing, our qualified guides will provide an experience you will never forget.